5 Ways to use Moon Water

5 Ways to use Moon Water

Anyone can benefit from the magic of the moon. Now That you have learned how to make Moon Water, here are 5 of my favorite ways to use it -

  1. Cleaning your home: Add some moon water to your cleaning solutions to give your home and altar spaces a deep energetic clearing.
  2. Watering plants: Plants love being spritzed with a bit of moon water to revitalize their energy
  3. Take a full moon bath: A full moon bath is a great way to connect to lunar energy. Add your moon water to your bath, and add your favorite essential oils to connect to it even more.
  4. In your tea: To realign from the inside out with the moon's energy, you can boil your moon water for your next cup of tea. If you have a Moon Water bottle, it arrives with your very own tea infuser, letting you make tea and moon water simultaneously.
  5. Cleanse your crystals: The full moon is great for recharging and cleansing your crystals, as is moon water. Just be careful, as certain crystals don't do well with water. Some safe bets are varieties of quartz, amethyst, agate, moonstone, and citrine.
Now that I have told you my favorite 5 ways to use Moon water let me know how you use yours!

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