How do I clean My New Moon Water Bottle?

The glass body is completely dishwasher safe! I suggest you hand wash both screw tops to make sure the rubber rings inside keep their shape and keep your Bottle leak proof. Since the crystals never touch the water you can cleanse them like you do any crystal, new to crystals? Read our post here about ways to cleanse them. 

I have a question, how do I contact Moon Water Bottle? 

you can contact us at sales@moonwaterbottle.com


Can I change crystals?

Yes! I designed this bottle so that the bottom lids screw off, That way you can swap out crystals any time you want. Each bottle comes with a 7 oz bag of tumbled crystals


Crystal information

Each Bottle comes with One 7 oz bag of crystals I have tumbled smooth for you to start with. You can purchase additional crystals in our shop, or use your own. Crystals purchased on Moon Water Bottle are tumbled smooth and come in a logo canvas bag with a drawstring closure in the perfect amount to fill the space provided in your Moon Water Bottle.