Get to know Rose Quartz

Get to know Rose Quartz



Rose Quartz can be cloudy to translucent in colors from deep pink to almost white.

Rose Quartz symbolizes unconditional love. It brings comfort, compassion, peace, and love, helps to release emotional wounds, resentments, fears and assists you in giving and receiving love.

  • Stimulates love of beauty, in self, in others, the arts, and nature.
  • Connects us to The Divine Feminine and the Heart of the Universe.
  • Helps process anger and ease forgiveness.

According to Mythology, Rose Quartz was created by the Goddess Aphrodite as she rushed to defend her human lover, Adonis, as he was attacked by her other lover, Ares the God of War. Jealous Ares turned himself into a boar and charged Adonis, cutting him. As Aphrodite rushed to save him, she was pricked by a briar. The two lovers mingled their blood which fell to the ground on a piece of White Quartz and forever stained it Pink.

Using your Rose Quartz Crystal

  • Use when ready to attract new love.
  • Place in a bedroom for peaceful sleep, enhancing love, tenderness, and sensuality.
  • Place at work to deflect unwelcome aggression, competition or to stop gossip.
  • Hair Stylist? Make Up Artist? or in the beauty field? Place Rose Quartz at your workstation to enhance client’s ability to see the beauty in themselves.

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