Should you choose a Full or New Moon to Charge Your Water? 

Should you choose a Full or New Moon to Charge Your Water? 


Should you choose a Full or New Moon to Charge Your Water? 

I feel like you can make Moon Water at any time, but if you are really trying to super charge you'r water, you might want to think about making New or Full Moon water.

The key is to consider the particular astrological aspects surrounding the lunar event. For instance, you may want to avoid using a full or new moon that's also an eclipse, as they're already so intense and change-bringing on their own. You don't want to do any harnessing or intention-setting rituals around them.

Another thing you might want to avoid is making moon water during a Mercury retrograde, when it's more of a struggle to think and communicate your intentions and desires.

And of course, you can look for positive aspects around any moon. Regardless of the sign it is in, if a moon is conjunct fortunate Jupiter, it could bring luck and abundance. Or if it was forming a sweet trine to the planet of love, Venus, the water you'd create would have a harmonious, relationship-loving energy. (Translation: Be sure to check our monthly full and new moon breakdowns to find out what's in store!)

Ultimately, you'll want to tune into your intuition to determine whether a particular moon is one you'd like to capture the flavor of. If anything feels "off" or forced, skip it.

You could also be spontaneously inspired to make it — perhaps while traveling. I always travel with my Moon Water Bottle and Carrier. One of my favorite moon water experiences is to make some Moon Water where ever I am, and to me vacation Moon Water helps infuse all the goodness that vacation vibes bring. 

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