What the day of the week you were born on reveals about you

What the day of the week you were born on reveals about you

What the day of the week you were born on says about you - 

Sunday -

You are ruled by the Sun. If you are born on the first day of the week you might always find your self in or drawn to roles in leadership. You are born to seek an extraordinary life and are forever searching for a better way of living. You are a positive person noble, a little self centered, bold and loud. 

Monday -

Monday babies are ruled by the Moon. You can be sensitive, moody, intuitive and emotional. You are a romantic sho knows how to shower their partner with love and affection. You are a moon child who loves to be home and prioritizes family, You find comfort in stability.

Tuesday - 

Ruled by Mars Tuesday babies are sensitive to criticism, have a high amount of energy and push your self to meet goals. You do not mince words and people are drawn to you for your honest perspective. You are known for being successful in every thing you do

Wednesday - 

Rules by Mercury you are a curious little baby who questions everything. You are great at improvising a solution that propels you forward. You value communication and logic. You are prone to burn out, so make sure you add in a little self care.

Thursday - 

If you are a Thursday baby you are rules by Jupiter. Optimistic and fun people are always attracted to you. You display strength in character, and can be the life of the party. You love to plan, think big, and have no time to worry about mundane day to day tasks.

Friday - 

The Venus ruled Friday baby is creative. Social, seductive, artistic but sometimes you care too much about everyones input. You love fine things and surrounding yourself with beauty. You cherish harmony and like to avoid arguments when possible. 

Saturday - 

Ruled by Saturn Saturday is traditionally the last day of the week. You are perseverant, wise modest always practical and studious. You might have challenges in life but you also have the skills to get past them. You feel like you are always the responsible person of he group. You are individualistic and freedom loving,

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