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Moon Water Bottle

Kunzite Crystals

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Kunzite Crystals - Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

Kunzite Crystals can help you connect deeper with your spiritual self. These beautiful pink crystals are known for their powerful metaphysical properties.

Kunzite crystals are believed to promote inner peace, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. They can help you release negative energy and emotions, allowing you to move forward on your spiritual journey with confidence and clarity.

Kunzite crystals are also said to help enhance creativity, intuition, and communication. They can help you tap into your inner wisdom and express yourself more freely.

At Moon Water Crystal Shop, we believe that every crystal has its own unique energy and personality. Our Kunzite Crystals are hand-selected for their high quality and positive energy. Each crystal is cleansed and charged before it makes its way to you, ensuring that you receive the best possible experience.

What you get -
7oz Kunzite crystals - the perfect amount to fit in your Moon Water Bottle
Canvas Logo bag