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Moon Water Bottle

Lapis Lazuli Crystals

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Called "The Stone of Rulers" in ancient kingdoms Lapis Lazuli was forbidden to commoners and worn only by royalty. Used for millennia by the Egyptians there are examples of Lapis Scarabs and beads dating back to 3100 BC. Lapis Lazuli is said to connect us with guardian spirits and creates a strong spiritual connection. It also can be known as the truth crystal it aids in communication making sure that the words you speak are in line with your own personal truth. Stimulates good judgment and enhanced memory. Stimulates the higher mind, creates new ideas and intellectual analysis. It relieves anger frustration and negative thoughts, helping to find inner peace. Brings good luck to performances and presentations. Promotes psychic abilities and inner vision. Lapis Lazuli loose crystals come in an adorable canvas bag and are the perfect amount to be used in our Moon Water Bottle. Includes - 7 oz Lapis Lazuli Crystals Canvas logo bag