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Moon Water Bottle

Moon Water Crystal Club - Monthly delivery of Exclusive crystals for your Moon Water Bottle

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Moon Water  Crystal Club.

Every month you will receive a brand-new crystal type that has never been in the shop before in the same Moon Water Canvas Logo bag you know and love. 

This exclusive crystal type will not be available for individual purchase to the rest of the public for 30 days, and may never be available if it sells out.

Crystal Club is a great way to get a first look, add to your crystal collection, and always have the crystal you need for your Moon Water bottle no matter what is going on in your life.

Your Crystal Club Membership includes - 

One 7oz bag of crystals (different every month) - In a canvas logo bag

A crystal information card to get to know your crystal even better

A special small gift as a thank you - different every month

Cancel any time you wish.